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a Female

a Graduate  (hmmmm am I still a graduate if I have a year’s experience?)

a Smart car driver

a workaholic

and I work for a small online retail company that sells a variety of products solely online through one website (we will release the second in approximately 2 weeks. The third is still just a concept at this point).

My job title is Website Manager but as it’s a small company that doesn’t mean too much – I also help out with the business management, accounts, admin and customer services too! Whatever the business needs basically.

I have decided to start a blog for a number of different reasons:-

1 – I want to track our SEO progress and see how this is influenced by our other projects

2 – I want to look back at the things we have acheived to see how we can use that in the future (help stop things slip through the net).

3 – I love my job and I like writing about it 🙂 There’s something about writing something down that engages the brain and helps me think about it more clearly. Unfortunately that might mean that a lot of this blog is going to seem like garbledygook to anyone but me..


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