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We have come such a long way, when I started we didn’t even have the respect of a small time eBay seller – now we have online exclusivity for our key brand (a brand that now delivers 90% of our sales). Why I’m so happy I could do a lil jig.

We have also had some very positive contact with another supplier of a variation of our product (helped mainly by the progress we have made with our main brand).

I’m still feeling frustrated…I know what I want to acheive but I can’t see clearly how to get there yet. Patience isn’t one of my main assets. I feel like I should be achieving more (although my boss is happy with what I’m doing at the minute)….my tension headaches seem to have backed off since I had a day off last week.


So the Best Awards are meant to acknowledge the ‘best’ ideas that take ‘integrated communications into tomorrow’….but it’s not is it. It’s meant to promote Marketing agencies. As I don’t work for a marketing agency I can’t enter. I’m not saying that I have done anything particularly worthy of said prize (maybe there are others that deserve it more) but why should my work go un-noticed just because I happen to be in-house?

Had the awards included non-agency marketing departments then I would have most certainly put forward my company for development of talent as I feel they have supported my development over and above what many large corporations would have. As I am part of a smaller company my development has been tailored personally to me from when I start work to my breaks, time away from work to study etc. They have also allowed me to really take a hold of my own learning and grow myself (letting me visit fairs etc that I suggested rather then being forced to attend).

I feel rather bitter….can you tell?


a Female

a Graduate  (hmmmm am I still a graduate if I have a year’s experience?)

a Smart car driver

a workaholic

and I work for a small online retail company that sells a variety of products solely online through one website (we will release the second in approximately 2 weeks. The third is still just a concept at this point).

My job title is Website Manager but as it’s a small company that doesn’t mean too much – I also help out with the business management, accounts, admin and customer services too! Whatever the business needs basically.

I have decided to start a blog for a number of different reasons:-

1 – I want to track our SEO progress and see how this is influenced by our other projects

2 – I want to look back at the things we have acheived to see how we can use that in the future (help stop things slip through the net).

3 – I love my job and I like writing about it 🙂 There’s something about writing something down that engages the brain and helps me think about it more clearly. Unfortunately that might mean that a lot of this blog is going to seem like garbledygook to anyone but me..