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Category Archives: Online marketing

Something that has been on my mind no end just lately – growth. We’re falling into a recession, defined by the fact that growth in the economy is zero or negative, it’s not completely illogical to see sales and business growth at the very least stall. It eases my mind to think that this is happening to everyone and so I should just sit tight and wait, I’m impatient though – I don’t want to wait.

That aside I’ve been thinking about the size of the market in the first place. I want to double the sales for our main product in the next 6 months. To do this I’m going to get us better SERPS (as a starting point anyway) but what happens if we rank #1 for all our keywords and we still don’t see an increase in sales….then I guess we’re reaching the complete market. Then what? I guess then we have to consider other types of marketing as opposed to solely online (promotion, advertising etc). By reaching #1 we capture the entire market that BROWSES for our product but what about all those people that simply search by brand name. So therefore we need to strengthen the brand and raise awareness so that more people search for us as opposed to just our product, if we can also add an intrinsic positive feeling with the awareness that would also help battle some of the ‘buying online’ demons that people still have making it even more beneficial.

Complete brain fart there, but I feel like I’m getting somewhere.


Oooooh I gots myself a new toy to be playing with 🙂

The new browser form Google does everything that you would expect it to do and in true Google fashion, it has a few nice little extras. For example it’s a really simple idea to add thumbnails of your most visited sites on the start up page – but it’s a really nice touch (I never could get to grip with my favourites-I have too many and they get lost in the list). Another quick favourite of mine is the ‘incognito browsing’ even though I may never use it I can see the value. Many of my friends work in organisations that don’t allow Facebook, ebay or even news sites (believe it or not) and yet don’t have the capacity to block them through employees computers – this will be useful for my friends to hide their secret browsing activities more easily. It’s great for covering up gift-shopping activities too.

Something that I had not read about prior to getting my little clicker to Chrome was the Crash control, because the tabs operate independently if one goes there is no dominoe effect on other things that you might be working on. Loving that! My favourite thing about Google Chrome is that the web page fills my screen, it’s only a small change but it really makes a difference not having those thick borders, buttons and options all over the place!

I’m yet to find a fault with Google Chrome, I know I will but I haven’t yet and I think that’s thanks to Google’s wonderful simplicity.

Google 1 – Microsoft 0

I’ve managed to get some product into the new site, and I’ve pretty much done all the keyword research that I can and come up with our main targets for the SERPs. I don’t have any firm pricing though so we can’t go live yet…then it’s the long slog from here on out. Plus our techy guy has NO eye for detail so I am constantly e-mailing him requesting changes in text or links when really he should be getting it right in the first instance.

Primary product periphery terms are starting to pick up now albeit pretty slowly.

On top of this our most recent batch of our most popular product is faulty AND we have no instructions for another so I have people shouting at me from all angles…keeps me on my toes though.

Apparently eBay are trying to move away from Auctions and go more for buy it nows rivalling Amazon. That sounds like nothing but fantastic news to me as my experience (within work) Amazon are incompetent to the point of negligent, allow illegal activity within the site un-monitored and have no drive for development in the slightest. A bit of competition may be just what they need.

One of the main issues that we have found more recently is that we have some nice SERPS for our main product base, but we’re really struggling with the more periphery terms for the other non-related products. That’s logical I know but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I want to be on page one for everything. Inside I know that because the terms aren’t related my task is impossible (hence the second website).

We have chosen to split out some of the less related products into the second site. Personally I think that we could tread down a dangerous path if we’re not careful. One thing we can’t do is over specialise, it’s too limiting. It would be a lot easier to optimise a website that only sold tyres to the term ‘tyres’, but what value would that hold for the shopper? Also I think it gives people less choice and there is less chance of cross-over from other products. Not the path for us anyway.