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The trade fair yesterday was dead. The halls were half full and there was loads of free seating in all the restaurants where last year even the floor space was being fought after. Either people didn’t have the spare capital to invest in seeing next season’s products or loads of people have already gone bust. Last week was a real tough week for us, pretty much the worst week of the year so far.

I’ve been having a look at the SERPS over a longer timescale this week too and I’m impressed with the improvement listings wise but not with the traffic that we are getting. Given the improvement I really would have hoped for a more noticable increase. This may have something to do with the seasonality of some of our products. Actually that’s not true. We get slightly more traffic than we did this time last year but that is impressive as that traffic is 100% natural whereas this time last year we were spending £500 a year on PPC. Maybe I should be a little more impressed. My next goal is to get to page one for some of our periphery terms, we are hovering in the top few of page 2 at the minute for my favourite one.

I’m going to get more focus on to the second site this week – there’s loads more product that I could uploads and with new pricing from pretty much all of our suppliers I need to have a look through that too. One of our departments is called ‘things’ and we are now on page 9 of Google for the keyword ‘things’ 🙂 I don’t think that’s so bad for saying it’s not been live for long.


Oooooh I gots myself a new toy to be playing with 🙂

The new browser form Google does everything that you would expect it to do and in true Google fashion, it has a few nice little extras. For example it’s a really simple idea to add thumbnails of your most visited sites on the start up page – but it’s a really nice touch (I never could get to grip with my favourites-I have too many and they get lost in the list). Another quick favourite of mine is the ‘incognito browsing’ even though I may never use it I can see the value. Many of my friends work in organisations that don’t allow Facebook, ebay or even news sites (believe it or not) and yet don’t have the capacity to block them through employees computers – this will be useful for my friends to hide their secret browsing activities more easily. It’s great for covering up gift-shopping activities too.

Something that I had not read about prior to getting my little clicker to Chrome was the Crash control, because the tabs operate independently if one goes there is no dominoe effect on other things that you might be working on. Loving that! My favourite thing about Google Chrome is that the web page fills my screen, it’s only a small change but it really makes a difference not having those thick borders, buttons and options all over the place!

I’m yet to find a fault with Google Chrome, I know I will but I haven’t yet and I think that’s thanks to Google’s wonderful simplicity.

Google 1 – Microsoft 0

We made it to page one for our three target KW within about 6 months of me starting here (we came from page 20 so personally I don’t think we did too bad). But then our focus changed – inspired by a change in the seasons. Unfirtunately we didn’t start working on the new terms until the season was upon us and so even though our SERPs for this second batch of KW did improve drastically, it just wasn’t enough.

So now I am putting my focus back onto the original products….periphery terms if you like. See the thing is that I actually think these periphery terms hold more value to us than the original terms did (I think we got our KW research wrong). As always we won’t know for sure until we get great SERPs and then I can analyse the difference in traffic etc.

Back to the title then, this week I have mostly been updating text.

We have over 100 product pages (probably a lot more – I have never actually counted) each within categories. I am basically sorting through each product to increase the density of the specific keyword (rather than the more vague ones we were using before). At the same time I’m trying to keep in the vague terms so that we don’t slip in the SERPs for those.

Thing is – we have.

The main problem being that we made 2 or 3 relatively large changes around the same time so I don’t know what has caused the (slight but still more than I am happy with) drop. It could just be natural forces and competiton but I don’t think so…

I’m going to keep plodding on making text changes but I’m also going to keep a watchful eye on our original KWs. Hopefully it’s just a blip.