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When did advertising become about the things that we had all expected anyway?

An insurance company in the UK has spent money advertising the fact that they give lower premiums to small cars, people that do less miles and people with more experience….SO DOES EVERY OTHER INSURANCE COMPANY! It’s like Tesco’s advertising that they charge less for 6 eggs than 12. Infuriating. I hate it when companies presume that consumers are so idiotic. Even more than that it infuriates me that the marketing budget has been wasted in this way. Their targets were clearly about differentiating themselves in the market place (as opposed to building the brand, raising awareness or gaining immediate sales) and yet they have done the opposite. How did that meeting go?

-HEAD – “we need to make people see what we do that is different from everyone else, how can we do that?”

-MARKETER – “I know we could run a TV campaign highlighting all the basic fundamental principles that all insurance companies use to set prices”

-HEAD-“Fantastic, here’s a £1m budget, go get em tiger”.

What the hell?!