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We are finally feeling it.

We probably felt it before today but this week it has been really noticable. Interestingly the fall in sales and enquiries has not been matched by our traffic – which has remaned constant (although not growing). Personally I think this reflects that people will still buy, but they are being much more careful where they place their money – and so doing a lot more research into the market.

Times like these really make you consider other opportunities and ventures that otherwise would have been cast away to one side, we are certainly trying to be more creative in how we are meeting the market and what value our offering might hold. In particular we are putting more time into generating B2B relationships, by working together with other companies that might be feeling the pinch we can create something new (or better value) for the consumer.

That’s always a nice thing to do.


Something that has been on my mind no end just lately – growth. We’re falling into a recession, defined by the fact that growth in the economy is zero or negative, it’s not completely illogical to see sales and business growth at the very least stall. It eases my mind to think that this is happening to everyone and so I should just sit tight and wait, I’m impatient though – I don’t want to wait.

That aside I’ve been thinking about the size of the market in the first place. I want to double the sales for our main product in the next 6 months. To do this I’m going to get us better SERPS (as a starting point anyway) but what happens if we rank #1 for all our keywords and we still don’t see an increase in sales….then I guess we’re reaching the complete market. Then what? I guess then we have to consider other types of marketing as opposed to solely online (promotion, advertising etc). By reaching #1 we capture the entire market that BROWSES for our product but what about all those people that simply search by brand name. So therefore we need to strengthen the brand and raise awareness so that more people search for us as opposed to just our product, if we can also add an intrinsic positive feeling with the awareness that would also help battle some of the ‘buying online’ demons that people still have making it even more beneficial.

Complete brain fart there, but I feel like I’m getting somewhere.