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Dominoes Pizza are opening up there menu to now include an oven baked sandwich in 4 different varieties (notice there is no vegetarian option currently available).

Personally I just don’t get it, especially when the options are so limited and so….ordinary. This is something that Subway does – and Subway does it particularly well (hey even McDonalds do it fairly well).

However, although I would probably never try one (other than through sheer curiosity) I can almost see where they are coming from although I don’t think they have it yet. Had I been a part of this team I would have tried to go more down a health line. Let me explain a little better.

When my partner and I go to Dominoes we HAVE to order a large and we have to have something that is dripping in fat and calories. As a woman (who has a beach holiday coming up especially) I would like to have an alternative and I think this new sandwich idea could really catch my eye. The sandwich would have to have that same ‘luxury’ feel to it but without the hidden calories and fat – by the looks of this youtube video, I think it does. I’m not saying rival the Subway <6% fat campaign I’m just saying a ‘healthy’ alternative to a very fatty pizza.

The other thing about the new Dominoes sandwich idea is the delivery, I like the idea of having a sandwich delivered to the office for $5….but there are about 40 cafes and sandwich shops near me that do that already.

If Dominoes are really backing this wholeheartedly then why does the website not mention the launch at all?

In summary I can’t see this lasting longer than a year, but nice effort (and get a vegetarian option).